We provide transportation service in the following ways: Travel dry and temperature controlled housing units (refrigerated). Door to Door Service. FOR CRUZE Service (Laredo Tx., Reynosa, CD. Juarez, Mexicali).

Service domestic or commercial (household goods or office) Note: All of our units are recent models and are in perfect condition Boxes 48 and 53 ft refrigerated, dry boxes Fulles 48.53 40 FT Legal platforms 48 and 53 40 handle low Beds and Low for boys move up to 100 Tons Frequent flights anywhere we will Service Import and Export Door to door without transshipment cargoes and / or discharges at the border, and with the same unit from its origin to its final destination. Are We are specialists platforms and oversized shipments. We have bilingual and trained operators to handle all types of cargo safely and quickly. We have 10 years of experience we offer to facilitate the flow of shipments and all kinds of process because we deal directly with authorities and customs agencies.

Logistics engineering Loads Project / Storage and distribution Rigging (Maneuvers, specialized relocation of industrial plants) Hand Carrier 24/7 Door to Door Customs Clearance USA and AU. Cargo Insurance maneuvers Service domestic and international insurance merchandise terrestrial havy Houl Flat Bed Mexico / U.S. / Canada Step Deck / Low Boy LTL Mexico / USA / Canada Dry Van - Reefer 48'-53 ' Mexico / USA / Canada Representation of hotlines all U.S. and Canada certification CTPAT / B.A.S.C. / F.A.S.T. Satellite tracking 24/365 Household goods Moving local and foreign.

Our units have GPS Satellite Tracking. We offer our customers access to the system, so that they can get online important information such as the location, Thermo Temperature Behavior Opening and Closing Doors, Etc. Access Tracker: client monitors its load via internet.

In administration, logistics and maintenance, we have Nextel communication Cell line and fixed telephony. Operators have the Nextel radio.

Being well connected among different departments and operators, we find a more efficient for our customers. We have a sophisticated integrated system, that helps us take more control in logistics, management and business planning.

Alanis Transportation: has more strategic alliances with transportation permittees to provide a comprehensive service chain supplement for their raw materials. We offer our services in both Mexico and the United States.